MediapieNFT Mission

Our mission for launching Mediapie is to solve many issues with mainstream, centralized social media and correct the conventional social media anomalies through.

Animal Lovers
MediapieNFT Ecosystem

Our work in progress robot APP will allow you to store your Photos and videos files decentrally and securely in a single platform; built-in an anonymously management that allows you to decide if you want to keep your photos private or if you want to sell photo rights to others in exchange for MNFT tokens. We will Implement a section that will occupy 5mins (max) video and series of your pictures, project proposal and general talent hunt category.

Inspired By

Shiba Inu
Akita Inu

MNFT Marketplace

We strongly believe in freedom before speech and also freedom after speech as a fundamental human need, our need to connect and interact with each other to live anonymously and decentralized through MNFT decentralized “one-stop-shop” for minting, purchasing, and selling media collectibles seamlessly. It is a marketplace that pushes the bounds of open finances and monetization of your customized made media.


Contract Reward System

To curb inflation while development is ongoing and after market launch, Mediapie contract is auto built to effect likely market manipulation from whales by taxing 5% per transaction at 2:2:1; 2% burn, 2% share and 1% to Liquidity.

MediapieNFT Deflationary

While the project is a core value for NFT and Defi related, we also take auto price control seriously without creating unnecessary hypes, most importantly while development is ongoing.
To curb inflation, we have deployed Mediapie token to Share, Burn and finance the liquidity aspect of the platform by charging of 5% on each transaction at the ratio 2:2:1; 2% for burning, 2% sharing and 1% into platform liquidity wallet. This process continue indefinitely.
We therefore implore pancake or similar DEX platform users to set their slippage slightly above 5% during the process trading MNFT on the every platforms (Dex-es).


Token Metrics

How To Register And Participate In MNFT PRESALE

Road Map