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The squid battle project is cantered on giving back to the society while creating a bridge between the blockchain and the gaming industry. This project is also set to penetrate the NFT market and bringing everyday users access to the purchase, sale and retention of digital and even real life asset using the Non Fungible token, NFT Market, Metaverse Market and launch Pad.

Desperados III Digital

Action | Desktop

Release date: Coming Soon


Red Dead Redemption 2

Action | Desktop

Release date: Coming Soon


Baldur's Gate II

Action | Desktop

Release date: Coming Soon


Hand of Gilgamech

Action | Desktop

Release date: Coming Soon


SteamWorld Quest Ryndo

Action | Desktop

Release date: Coming Soon


A Puzzle of Flesh

Action | Desktop

Release date: Coming Soon


We are the Dwarves

Action | Desktop

Release date: 12.04.2018


Blood of the Sacred

Action | Desktop

Release date: 09.11.2016


More games to be released . All games playable only on app



How to play our games

Staking, framing, gaming and lot more avail a lot of opportunities for our users to utilize their Squidbattle Token (SBT), furthermore our all hands approach enables our community members to participate in the developmental stages of the project at their various professional capacities.


Step 01

Create an Account
Buy Token

Step 02

Buy the Token
Stake it

Step 03

Stake the Token
Stake it

Step 04

Play & Earn

Play & Earn

Users are expected to have a certain minimum deposit to be able to participate in the game and at the end the winner is awarded the accumulated reward for the series of task pending the number of players that entered and the amount initially allocated to each player, just like in the famous Netflix series “Squid Game”.

Team Members


Game Governor

In Charged of all the development and coordinating

Senior Leader

Game Senior Developer

Senior Marketing

In charge of all marketing related

Junior Game Developer


Instant token utility

Our tokens are exchangeable via multiple listing platforms and DEX, they can be traded and staked.

Squidbattle Tokenomics

Transactional security is assured to all our users as all transactions are executed on the foundational smart contract agreement and are stored on the digital ledger (blockchain), and authentication for digital assets ownership has never been this easy as prospective buyers. can view the ownership certificate of such asset on the Blockchain which is one of the most secure ledger.

Transaction fee

2% of buy and sell reflected to all holder wallet
3% of each transaction will be sent to the jackpot pool
5% marketing, developer buy back burn pool
Lock liquidity 70% of pre-sale raised 5 years

Road Map


Concept of Squidbattletoken

1st to 3rd Quarter 2021

Build a Full Stack Team
Project development prototype

4th Quarter 2021 -- ongoing

Launch of website, Telegram and Twitter
Marketing push for awareness
5,000Telegram members
Social Media marketing (twitter, YouTube, reddit, telegram and Facebook)
Shilling competition
AMA session
Whitelist campaign for pre-sale
Pre-sale on pinksale
Launch Squid battle token
Aggressive marketing after launch
Marketing across Top Media
Top social media influencer marketing
Biggest Shilling competition
Apply Coin market cap listing
Apply Coin Gecko listing
10,000 holders
Testing of D’App battle game and beat launch
Liquidity locked 5 years

1st - 2nd Quarter 2022 -- future

More Audit
Partnership with investors and big games studios
Launch of Squid battle D’App on iOS & android
Launch our play to earn D’App
Launch our NFT marketplace
Secret key major Partnership
Massive marketing by influencer
Apply for other exchange listing
Staking and Framing launch
Launch SBT launch Pad

3rd - 4th Quarter 2022 -- Future

Holder 100,000
App download 1,000,000
Listing on Top 3CEX
Launch of Charity trust fund
Update on all existing D’App
Jackpotpoolwinnersplaytoearn$1m prize new Games
*Lamborghini competition
Charity trustfund Helping 10,000 family around the world
The most exciting NFT launch all sales profits goes to Charity

2023 -2030 -- Future

Celebrating 10,000,000-100,000,000 user
Hardware Game battle console
Squid Battle Token Movie
Squid battle Token games
Squidbattle Token
Copy Write © 2021
Squidbattle Token
Copy Write © 2021
Acquire Major game studios
Launch of Squid battle token game son PlayStation, Xbox and PC
Charity trustfund Helping 100,000 family all-around the world

This is a prototype

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